Welcome to the Denver Teachers’ Club (DTC) website.

Our wish is that you will find it easier to access all the information you need regarding utilization of the resources available to you as a retired or active employee of the Denver Public Schools through the DTC.

We are interested in your feedback, your questions, and your suggestions. Your cooperation and contribution will help us to achieve our goal of making this website user friendly and informative.

Our address is:

Denver Teachers’ Club
Supplemental Benefits Program
c/o DPS Acoma Campus
1617 S. Acoma St.
Denver, CO 80223

Our phone number is:
(303) 377-0222

Please call us before you come to visit us to make sure to come to the right address and you have access to the building.

CLOSURE DATES: Closed on all State and Federal holidays.


Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, our offices are partially open as we continue to work from our homes. We are in the office for several hours during the week, and we request you leave a voicemail to order and return medical equipment. You must make an appointment to come to our office. We will return all your calls and be able to answer any questions you have about the Assistance Fund equipment or the Voluntary Payroll Protection Plan. Thank you.

As an employee of the DPS, you are eligible for benefits from the DPS Supplemental Benefits Program. We are the oldest non-profit in Colorado, founded in 1897 by William Smiley, Dora Moore, and several other DPS pioneers. See our ‘History’ tab on this website of our illustrious history and the services we provide exclusively to employees of the Denver Public Schools.

Our services are two-fold. Through our Assistance Fund, we provide all DPS employees, retirees, and their family members with free use of durable medical equipment. All you need to do is contact our office with the equipment you need and then come by and pick it up. We provide almost everything you might possibly need, including but not limited to walkers and wheelchairs, bath and toilet accessories, bed rails and bed tables, canes, crutches, and even special mobility items like knee rollators. The best thing to do is call us at 303-377-0222 before you purchase any medical equipment. Chances are we have what you need and it’s yours to use free of charge for as long as you need it.

As a member of our Voluntary Payroll Protection Plan (VPPP), current employees can receive cash payments for days you miss from work due to personal illness or injury. With the recent increase to the cost of your health insurance, your deductible, and your co-pays, our program provides cash when you really need it.

Currently, we pay our members $60 a day for every day missed over the 10 or 12 sick days you are provided by the district each year. Benefits are graduated depending on your membership year, increasing by 5-day increments with every year of membership through your 5th year. In your 6th year you are fully vested and are eligible to receive up to 100 days of benefits in any given year from this point forward, not to exceed 200 days in any five-year period. For specifics on this program, please see our website to read our Rules & Regulations.

Our membership year runs from July 1st through June 30th. Membership costs you just $10.00 per month. As a new member, your first month is free, so you will not see a payroll deduction until August 31st. For a membership application, please visit our website and follow the link to the VPPP membership application.

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